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12 Angry Men

"12 Angry Men" is a 1957 award-winning drama film directed by Sidney Lumet. The movie is about 12 juries that take part in a trial. In this case, an 18-year-old boy is accused of killing his father and there are two witnesses. The movie starts with 11 jurors voting guilty and 1 jury voting not guilty. In order to reach a certain verdict, consensus must be achieved and the jurors are struggling to achieve this.

One of the most important things that stands out in the movie is the location. Except for the room where the juries decided, only 2 locations were used very little, so the movie was shot in only 3 locations. Despite this, the fact that the movie is so immersive proves once again how good of a movie it is. We notice that this film was shot in black and white, even though color films were available at the time. We would definitely want to watch this film in color, although it was shot in black and white because the producers thought it was more striking that way.

At the end of the movie, we only learn the names of two jurors. The producers were very careful not to include names. We think this is a nice detail to focus on personalities rather than people. Because each jury there reflects the individuals in the society. For example, one jury says that the boy is a criminal because he lives in the slums. This is a prejudice against those in the slums and there are many other prejudices in society. This jury actually mirrors the prejudice in society. In this film we certainly don't know whether the accused is guilty or not, but this film gives information about the psychology of people in the justice system and emphasizes that especially the minority can change the decision of the majority.
You should definitely watch 12 Angry Men, one of the best known drama films for its acting and shooting.