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1. Only high school students can participate in the competition.

2. Individual applications will be accepted for the works to be applied to the competition and more than one individual application can be made from the same school. Applications to be made on behalf of the group, class, school, etc. will be invalid.

3. The submitted short films should not be longer than 15 minutes, including credits.

4. There is no subject limitation for the films. Contestants will be able to participate with films they have shot before or have applied to various competitions other than the Altın Boğa.

5. The shooting technique is free. Films must have picture and sound quality suitable for screening. Videos that cannot be understood due to low technical quality, except for the parts included in the movie as a narrative technique, will be excluded from the evaluation.

6. In the event that a right and interest that is the subject of intellectual and industrial property is violated in the films, all kinds of administrative, legal, criminal and financial responsibility arising from this belongs to the competitor.

7. The works to participate in the competition must be in accordance with the Constitution of the Republic of Turkey, the Basic Law of National Education, the basic objectives of Turkish National Education, general morality, social peace and Turkish family structure. Works that do not meet these conditions will be excluded from evaluation.

8. The completed and signed parental permission document, explicit consent approval, participation form and undertakings of the student and the student's parents, as well as the student certificate to be obtained from the school directorate where the competitor is studying, will be sent digitally (converted to one of the JPG, PDF and PNG formats) from the competitor's own e-mail address to e-mail address with the competitor's name, surname and short film title in the subject line.

9. The short films to be participated in the competition will be uploaded to a storage area (Google Drive, Youtube, Vimeo, Yandex Disk, etc.) desired by the competitor, and the sharing link of the area where the short films are uploaded will be written in the e-mail text containing the other documents required for the application to the competition and shared with the Istanbul Erkek Lisesi cinema club. The competitor must keep his/her short film in the storage space uploaded by himself/herself until June 9, 2023, the date when the winners are announced. The videos will not be stored by Istanbul Boys' High School and short films that are not available or inaccessible at the shared link until June 9, 2023 will be out of evaluation.

10. Istanbul High School for Boys will use the necessary changes and discretionary authority within the knowledge of the Ministry of National Education regarding the issues not included in the application principles. Participants are deemed to have accepted all these conditions.