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City Lights is a 1931 silent film produced, directed and starring Charles Chaplin. Starring Harry Myers, Al Ernest Garcia, Jean Harlow and Virginia Cherrill along with Charlie Chaplin, "City Lights" tells the story of a blind flower girl and a very poor man. Charlie is walking down the street when he sees a blind girl selling flowers. To help her, he buys flowers from her with the last money in his pocket and goes to another place. There he sees a man about to commit suicide and saves his life. The man whose life he saves is very rich and so he helps him. Sometimes he gives Charlie a ride in his car and this makes the flower girl think that Charlie is rich. With the money given by the man whom Charlie saved, Charlie gives the flower girl the money to open her eyes. She opens her eyes but still does not recognize Charlie. One day, when Charlie is going to buy flowers from her again, she recognizes him and the movie ends.

There is very good acting and shooting for the year it was shot. Although it is a silent movie, the movie has become a masterpiece with the acting of Charlie Chaplin, who managed to pass this degree of emotions to the audience. We are sure that you will want to watch this movie again with its content, which later influenced Turkish cinema.