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Into the Wild is about a young man named Christopher who has just graduated with a degree from an important university. Due to his past problems with his parents, Christopher gives up everything he owns and tries to live alone in the Alaskan wilderness. During his two-year journey to Alaska, he befriends many colorful characters. Into the Wild is a story of returning from a metropolis to the wild, from pollution to purity and cleanliness. At a post-graduation party, Christopher tells his family that this is not the life he wants, that something is missing and wrong. Donating all his possessions to charity and leaving everything he owns at home, the young man embarks on a long journey towards a completely different life. During and after this journey, which ends in the desolate forests of Alaska, Christopher meets some people who will change his life forever, and he begins to understand the meaning of life and move away from the stereotypes in his head.

Nominated for Oscars for "Best Editing" and "Best Supporting Actor" (Hal Holbrook), this is a movie that will stick with us for a long time. Despite some disconnects and lack of sequencing in the shooting stages and angles, the movie successfully conveys its message. A young man who burns his money, gives up his diploma, his wealth, his loved ones, his fame and fortune, and seeks the life that suits him in nature and is left alone with a camping bag, his fight and struggle against life has been successfully conveyed to the audience. Considering that the movie was inspired by a true story, we can be more successful in understanding the real purpose and subject of the movie. We are sure you will enjoy watching the movie, we wish you a good time.